Dirty Money-how companies are profiting from Chinese rights abuse in Xinjiang

It has been widely reported and confirmed that at least one million non-Han Chinese citizens of Xinjiang (mainly Turkic Uyghurs, Kazakhs and Kirghiz). The Chinese government and media first fervently denied the existence of the internment camps, just like the Saudis denied they have no idea about the whereabouts of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  Then after more evidence and international outcry were have been building up, the Chinese government are forced to acknowledge but shamelessly claimed the internment camps actually are schools, where ‘radical’ Islamist were sent for re-education!  Of course, the Chinese media are repeated what the government said.   The changing course of Chinese statement on those early Nazi style  camps are as brazen and insulting to judgment as the Saudi statement on Jamal Khashoggi !

Since the existence of these vast re-educations camps uncovered, more scrutiny is being placed on technology and  firms that enabling those Orwellian style surveillance, mass detention and human rights abuse.   According a Foreign Policy report, Hikvision and Dahua Technology are at the forefront of the companies that making tons of money selling monitoring equipment to authorities in XinJinag.  Both of these firms are China based, and so there are no government scrutiny nor public pressure like in western cultures to force them to stop selling these products. But as it turns out, there are some well-known companies like Huawei that have close ties with those companies.  There are also western banks that are also profiting by investing in these nasty companies. Among them are JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank.  It is not new that banks do almost anything to profit, but what is surprising and loathsome is that these two banks’ main motivation  in investing in Hikvision and Dahua Technology was that these two companies can earn surveillance projects in Xinjiang and thus brings huge amounts of profit!

Another not well-known company is CloudWalk, an Artificial Intelligence R&D company that is founded by Dr. Zhou Xi.  Apparently the company provided AI face-recognition products and tested them in Xnjiang, as early as 2011 and the founder very proudly talked about his products and technologies been successfully used in XinJiang !

MicrosoftAsia seems to be involved somehow, so does Kai Fu Lee’s Sinovation Ventures.  But these are no clear evidence on these two companies yet.

What we, people living in democratic countries can do is at least let the banks and companies know that making money through projects that enable authoritarian governments to abuse power and violate rights is not Ok.

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